Your assignment must be word-processed in Microsoft Word. All pages should be numbered. You are strongly advised to make a copy of your assignment before submission. Students are assessed anonymously. You should put your student registration number (but not your name) on the front cover and on the top right hand corner of every subsequent page. Please do not include your name anywhere on the document. Policy on Plagiarism: a) The work that you submit must be expressed in your own words. B) Plagiarism, which is presenting the views ND/or words of another person as if they are your own is strictly forbidden. ) If you do use quotations from books, Journals and or websites then these must be placed inside quotation marks and referenced ideally using the Harvard method. D) If you do cite the views/ideas of another person then you must refer to this person in the main body of the assignment, including the work cited in your bibliography.

Cite, in this context meaner to quote a passage, book or author in support of an argument, etc. E) Copying the work of a fellow student also constitutes plagiarism.

It must be pointed UT, though, that any student allowing another student to copy part or all of his/her assignment is Just as guilty as the plagiarism. You should therefore protect your own work, so as to avoid others copying your work, without you knowledge. F) If you do not observed the above rules then this will lead to an allegation of cheating and, if found guilty, you will incur a severe penalty which may involve having to leave the College. Any repetition of plagiarism in any module will lead to expulsion from the College. B. A Year 3 Contemporary Issues in Management Assignment

Assignment Title: Managing Change Format: Individual assignment. 40% of total marks for the module. Date of submission: Wednesday August 21st 2013 @3 p. M. Length of Assignment: 3,000 words (excluding references and appendices) Late assignments will be penalized Assignment Format Case Study Analysis: The Vanguard International Hospital, Bangkok “We need to change,” said the CEO Michael Taylor to his senior management team during an extraordinary meeting at the world class hospital. “Events must not overtake us; I am very concerned about our staff retention levels within our organization.

I am getting reports from staff that they are experiencing burnout and am getting feedback about poor work-life balance especially from our Surgeons, Nurses and Marketing executives. “Many of our staff have to look after young children and some also have to care for their elderly parent’s, the so-called ‘Sandwich Generation’. Long and unsociable working hours are taking a physical and mental toll on them. ” He further went on to talk about… ” Our business strategy also needs rethinking as technology becomes ever more important – some of our international rivals have now even gun to introduce ‘remote surgery.

I want us to redesign our strategy to make us the world’s leading technologically advanced hospital. I want to enable patients to play a more active role in their own care – I want to utilities the latest advances in science and technology to help us do this. ” “We need to redesign our policies on these matters and to think clearly about how staff work within our organization. Michael noted quietly to himself that he must be careful when adopting radical changes, there is always the issue of staff resistance to change their working raciest, Just like what happened during the ‘revitalization plan’ which he led in 2008. We must ensure that staff fully embrace any change efforts we make and our world class reputation for patient care and service quality is maintained” he stated After the senior management meeting, Michael composed the following email for circulation to Senior Management Team: Dear colleagues, Following my comments at the meeting, we need to begin to plan for some fundamental changes to our work practices and business strategy. Please bring your responses, to the next Management Meeting scheduled for later this month.

Regards Michael Taylor CEO Vanguard International Hospital Assignment Brief Write an assignment outlining a response to the issues within The Vanguard International hospital covering the following sections: 1 . Prepare a force field analysis to illustrate the drivers and restraining forces for change applicable to The Vanguard Hospital 2. Evaluate the characteristics that may prove beneficial to an individual appointed to a change agent role and demonstrate how they may be utilized when implementing change strategies for The Vanguard Hospital 3.

Examine and evaluate various options and practices that are open to this organization to enhance staff retention and work-life balance improve technology to gain a lasting competitive advantage Please rater to the latest trends and developments within these areas 4. Conclusions Offer conclusions to the issues that you have examined Please consult your notes and recommended textbook for any clarification of theory or concepts. Make sure to cite academic sources support your answer explaining the impact of these threats. Use graphs and statistics to aid your answer (reference these).

Marking Scheme Marks will be allocated for the following sections: 0 Force Field Analysis The Change Agent 20 marks 25 marks Strategic Changes introduced staff retention and work-life balance (20 marks) Technology and Competitiveness (20 marks) 40 marks Conclusions Presentation and Referencing 5 marks 10 marks Plagiarism and Referencing Referencing: The sources should be properly referenced both within the text and at the end of the assignment – All sources should be cited within the text e. G. Murphy (2008) believes that… All quotations from the works of authors must be clearly identified as such. Organizations must be aware of their external environment” (Murphy, 2008). Hence the full reference should be listed in the bibliography at the end of the assignment. Plagiarism Students must submit their work through turning. Com. Students should submit their assignment via turning. Information how to register and submit your work is posted on the college notice boards. Make sure you have all written in your words – taking large chunks of material direct from websites is unacceptable Assignments will not be corrected without submission to Turning. There will be no exceptions to the rule.

Please also hand a hard disk together with the assignment. No need to print and submit full turning report. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. It arises when a student is suspected of presenting work undertaken by other people as if it were their own. A student is liable to be found guilty to plagiarism it any work presented tort individual assessment is Dunn to contain the unacknowledged work of some other person or persons. Examiners then the offense is very grave indeed. All sources should be cited and all quotations from he works of other authors clearly identified as such.

If a student’s work is found to contain verbatim (or near verbatim) quotation from the work of other authors (including other students past or present) without clear acknowledgement, then plagiarism has been committed whether or not the student intended to deceive the examiners. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are the only person who possesses your assignment material – never save anything on the hard drive of the college computers. If this involves deliberate misrepresentation of material as the student’s own in an attempt to deceive the

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