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Experiment 5: Spectrophotometry of Colored Solutions Lab Report
Answer the Following Questions:
1. List 3 components of a spectrophotometer, and mention the function of each of these components. (6 points)

2. Violet light has an average wavelength of 410 nm, while red light has an average wavelength of 620 nm. Which light waves carry more energy in space? (1 point)

3. A substance that is exposed to electromagnetic radiation can interact with it in one of three ways. List the three ways by which matter can interact with electromagnetic radiation. (3 points)

4. A substance that is being measured for absorbance, displays a transmittance of 5% at 400 nm, and 50% at 600 nm. What is happening to the absorbance? (2 points)
a. It is increasing.
b. It is decreasing.
Explain your answer

Choose the correct answer and write the answers for any relevant questions briefly:

5. Spectrophotometry is a technique that: (1 point)
a. Measures the conductivity of a substance.
b. Measures the color of a substance.
c. Measures the interaction of light with a substance.
d. Measures the quantity of light in an object.

6. A substance that absorbs red light, is expected to have a __________. (1 point)
a. Red color
b. Black color
c. Transparent property
d. None of the above

7. A substance that is placed first in the spectrophotometer as blank, sets the reading of the device to ________ and this is important to ___________. (1 point)
a. 100% absorbance, minimize errors from impurities.
b. 100% transmittance, minimize errors from impurities.
c. 100% reflection, maximize the detection of sample.
d. 100% transmittance, maximize the density of sample.

8. What term describes the substance described in question 8? What is the most commonly used substance for that purpose? (2 points)

9. A white object will absorb visible light at ___________. (1 point)
a. 400 nm
b. 600 nm
c. From 400-600 nm
d. None of the above

Bonus Question:
10. A substance that absorbs light of wavelength of approximately 590 nm, will most probably have the color ____________.
Explain your answer. (2 points)

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