Content Marketing Development
1. Description:
•Content Marketing Development Assignment Overview
•The goal of this assignment is to develop 3 separate Content Marketing pieces for the organization of
•your choice. You must identify the company you choose; provide the goal of the content pieces and
•the target audience you are speaking to with the content pieces. Your goal is to develop 3 separate
•pieces of content utilizing to build your companies brand and drive awareness and/or acquisition.
•Development of Content Calendar.

Choose a Hotel/Resort or Hospitality brand to develop your Content Strategy
Provide the background, objective of the content pieces and the audience you are directing the pieces.
Possible content pieces that could be developed:
Social Media Post, Social Media. Digital or Search Ad
Blog Post
A PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote document with your Content Strategy outlining the objective, strategy and target audience and the three content pieces you developed. (if you are providing links for the content pieces, please be sure they are working.
Develop 3 different content pieces
Provide rationale why you chose the content vehicles
Develop a Content Calendar for the three content pieces
Resources: Google search, Social Media, Property website, all content support materials in weekly course materials

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