Clinical Application Case Study Ch 35: Jenny Martin

1. Identify findings in the assessment of Mrs. Martin that would put her at risk for vitamin, mineral, and nutritional deficiency.
2. If she is eventually able to eat solid food, what teaching does the nurse provide concerning vitamin K in her diet and warfarin?
3. By what route is the iron ordered, and how does the nurse determine if this iron therapy is successful?
4. What adverse effects does the nurse observe for?
5. What steps does the nurse take to administer this medication, and what form of potassium chloride is preferable for administration per feeding tube?
6. What adverse effects does the nurse assess for?
7. What nursing interventions ensure that the ordered potassium supplement is given correctly and safely?
8. What adverse effects may occur if IV administration of this potassium preparation occurs too rapidly?
9. What precautions does the nurse take to prevent aspiration of the tube feeding?
10. Explain what the nurse does if one of those medications cannot be crushed for administration through the tube.

Make sure your citations and references are in APA format. NO MORE THAN 10 year old NURSING REFERENCES

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