Discussion Forum One:
Consider the components of the pastoral spiral.
* Read and review the powerpoint above. It is prompting you to consider your service using a guide or pathway to help organize your thoughts… such is the pastoral spiral.

* After reading (and pondering) the Pastoral Cycle PowerPoint, respond to these four questions.
1. What gifts and talents do you bring to those you serve?

2. After reading the powerpoint, can you identify 2 ways that the elements of the Pastoral Spiral expand your definition of charity? In other words, what elements in the pastoral cycle have caused you to reflect more deeply on your service to others? How might these new insights reflect in your volunteering?

3. What is your definition of social justice?

4. How do you currently go about your work for social justice?

Write in the space provided; do not attach a document. If you wish to compose in Word (a good way to check your spelling and grammar) and then cut and paste, feel free to do so. Your reflection should be geared to the service you are currently performing for CSE Service Learning but can extend beyond that to other services with which you may have been engaged.

You will be graded on your response (300-400 words)

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