CQU Educational Hubs for Indigenous Studies Project
1. Project Title
CQU educational hubs for Indigenous studies project.
2. Concept
CQ University strives to enhance students’ education, understanding and awareness of local indigenous people on their respective campuses.
3. Background
The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenisation Committee (The Committee) is interested in projects that give visibility to the world’s oldest living culture by acknowledging the traditional custodians of the lands the campuses are built on. The Committee has decided to establish educational hubs which encourage and support education, understanding and awareness of local indigenous people. Please refer to Moodle (weeks 2 and 3) regarding documentation on protocols in dealing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.
Further the Committee would like to include the design and build of educational hubs at five (5) CQU campuses situated at Rockhampton, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. The project scope will include the selection of suitable venue and facilities (within existing CQU buildings) for conversion to educational hubs. The Committee also requests opening ceremonies be organised and conducted, at each of these new educational hubs.
The Chair of the Committee wants further information before raising this project with the relevant funding body. The Committee agreed it would be good to have the project plan released to coincide with the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week in July 2020. The Committee has estimated that the total project should cost no more than $1 million dollars (AUD) (i.e. approximately $200k per educational hub). The $1million includes capital cost only and excludes rent and on-going operational costs. The Committee chair as has expressed a desire for the project team to identify cost savings, wherever possible, and for the project to be completed by the middle of 2021.
4. Preferred Project
The Committee has requested a project to acknowledge the local indigenous people by undertaking the following activities at selected CQ University premises. The project comprises three major stages:
(i) Source and secure suitable facility space for conversion to educational hubs (including negotiating leasing arrangements);
(ii) Design and build educational hubs at selected CQU campuses; and
(iii) Organise and conduct opening ceremonies that acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands upon which educational hubs are built on.
The Committee has indicated that members of local indigenous people be one of the key stakeholders in this project. In addition, the Committee has requested that during the project any contact with indigenous Australians be undertaken in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner.
5. Your Task
The Chair of the Committee, Dr Shane Doyle, has tasked you with providing the project board with further information regarding the project. The Chair will act as the Project Executive for the project board. You are to develop a tailored project plan that reflects the project described in this document and which aligns with PMBoK and Prince2 requirements.
6. Due Date
This submission is due Week 8 (i.e. 8am Monday 9th September, 2019).
7. Template
The Project Executive has supplied a template, which has been tailored to suit the organisational context and incorporates elements of the project plan and charter. You must use the template supplied for the assessment on Moodle. Please ensure you delete all blue explanatory text prior to submitting your work.
8. Marking breakdown
The marking breakdown below for the submission is reflected in the content headings of the template provided. To avoid losing marks ensure you understand the project topic, the content headings and check your writing quality, including spelling, grammar, etc.
Content of project submission Marks %
Project description 4 8 %
Stakeholders 10 20 %
Requirements management 5 10 %
Scope 10 20 %
Schedule 6 12 %
Cost Baseline 6 12 %
Risks 5 10 %
Tolerances 2 4 %
Lessons learnt 2 4 %
TOTAL MARKS 50 100 %
9. Group assessment
Assessment task 2 is a group assessment. To constitute a group, there must be a minimum of three students – and a maximum of four students (per group) AND each member of the group must be enrolled in the same tutorial.
Note: Flex students can elect to complete this project individually or in a group.
10. Plagiarism
Each term groups are investigated for academic misconduct, which includes the group members who authored the original submission.
It is your responsibility to ensure you understand what constitutes academic misconduct and the consequences. All members of your group will be found guilty regardless of who in the group provided (or failed to secure) the submission, as well as those who copied.
1. Students are reminded that this project is a scenario (i.e. a hypothetical case study) only, and therefore no actual contact is required, with any indigenous Australians, in order to facilitate this case study.

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