You will now create a database for the following seven tables. You will build upon this database in the upcoming units of the course.   Create a database containing the following tables:  Table Department    DepartmentID Name GroupName ModifiedDate   Table Employee    EmployeeID NationalIDNumber ContactID LoginID ManagerID ShiftID Title BirthDate MaritalStatus Gender HireDate SalariedFlag VacationHours SickLeaveHours CurrentFlag rowguid ModifiedDate   Table EmployeeAddress   EmployeeID AddressID rowguid ModifiedDate   Table EmployeePayHistory   EmployeeID RateChangeDate Rate PayFrequency ModifiedDate  Table EmployeeDepartmentHistory   EmployeeID DepartmentID StartDate ShiftID EndDate ModifiedDate  Table Shift   ShiftID Name StartTime EndTime ModifiedDate  Table JobCandidate   JobCandidateID EmployeeID Resume ModifiedDate  •Create the needed tables in the SQL server environment (just tables, no relationships yet). ◦Use integer (INT) data types for all ID columns.  ◦Use DATE data types for all date-related columns.  ◦Rate related columns should be DECIMAL data types.  ◦All other data types should be VARCHAR.   •In addition, create 3 additional tables that could be consistent in a database for a human resources (HR) application, including an appropriate table name and appropriate columns.  •Create and submit a screenshot of your database diagram based on the tables, and generate the data definition language (DDL) for each table.  •Submit a consolidated Word document with the diagram and the DDL for all tables.

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