Q.No Assignment Set – 1
1. Discuss the importance of effective business communication at workplace. What is the role of the formal and informal channels of communication in building up a good communication network.
2. Premature evaluations and hurried conclusion distort listening. Discuss in detail and write the solution for the same. Listening is distorted by premature evaluations and hasty conclusions. Discuss in depth and write down the solution.
3. How do general writing and business writing differ in terms of language, style, and tone?
3. How does general writing differ from business writing, in terms of language, style and tone
Assignment Set – 2
4. Illustrate the five steps of SQ3R techniques of reading.
5. Explain the principles of writing a business letter. Write a note on types of business letter.
6. Highlight the specific objectives of corporate advertising. Explain the different types of corporate advertising

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