Trees are one of the most important aspects of the planet we live in . They are very important to the environment , economy and of course for us humans. They are also important for the climate of the earth , as they act as filters for carbon dioxide . However , the trees on our planet are being depleted at a very fast rate and governments must take an action to make a change. To discuss deforestation we need to look at a role of government and its economic policies .
Also we need to look at how the private sector views the ownership of property and its resource at the expense of the environment. Deforestation is the felling and clearance of the land , mostly in the (Less Economic Developed countries. ) . Deforestation occurs in many ways. Most of the clearing its done for agricultural purposes, and planting crops. Some farmers use a( slash and burn) process which is environmentally .
Deforestation and forest degradation are ultimately the result of decisions by agents made such as private , corporations and communities. Generally, the main agents in the process of degradation belongs to the private sector. For example landowners are motivated by making commercial profits by forests. So if the private agents have to pay for some of the cost of depleting forests, they are more likely to have more of an incentive to take care of the environment. For example to convert forest land for other uses.

Pearce and Warford (1993) argue that :”High discount rates are one cause of environmental degradation because they encourage individuals to opt for short term measures that satisfy immediate needs or wants and ignore more environmentally appropriate practice such as planting trees, there is no market to take account of this divergence between private and social preferences Deforestation has many effects on climate. It plays a major role in recycling rain back into the clouds as it receives rainfall.
As a result , when the land is cleared , flooding and drought becomes a serious problem, because rainwater travels quickly through the ground without the forest to regulate it . The burning and felling of the forests is also exacerbating the Greenhouse effect. .Deforestation robs the world of countless species , destroying crucial biodiversity and loosing species with potential uses in medicine , agriculture and industry. the Biodiversity is very important to the Ecosystem and without it we would be in a dangerous positions..
In 2000 environmentalist groups won a major victory against ranchers . They were able to block a low that would have allowed private agents to clear a rainforest and land with no restrictions. Another victory come in 2004 when Brazilian government created two large rainforest reserves, for sustainable activities only . Deforestation has a major impact on the environment, such as rising sea levels , soil erosion and compounds in the forests. There are some ways to avoid deforestation.
In this essay I tried to show this matter of both sided can benefit if they take in to consideration each other needs . As good way to prevent people from cutting or burning down trees is to by encouraging and re-educating environmentally friendly practices in business as well as in a personal lives. They can take an ownership and contribute to a sustainable future for the environment , by being more socially responsible . Governments and nations can develop policies which will protect and limit the damage to the environment.

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