Developing leisure enterprises; understanding management and finance

Assessment Description and Advice

This is an individual piece of work comprising of a portfolio of 3 tasks.   


Task 1: Identify and acquire a published set of company accounts.  Analyse the accounts using ratios and other interpretive methods.  Each student needs to use a set of accounts from the most recent tax year. 

Task 2; Reflect upon how you manage your own money, using the budgeting and cashflow chart skills you develop in your seminars you need to produce a cashflow for  your money for 2014 as best you can. Identify a financial goal for yourself.  This may be a holiday, a car, or a new wardrobe for example.   You must identify how you can budget, aiming to save sufficient money to meet your goal, whilst living within your means.

Task 3: Produce a reflective self-analysis of your own approach to management according to the principles learnt during the module. In doing so, discuss management theory and concepts as they relate to examples from your own work based experiences.

In order to support students, there will be opportunities for  students to practice and work on elements of the assessment in workshops.  You will also have an individual assessment tutorial in week 10 in addition to assessment guidance surgery in week 11.            

Weight: 100%        

Word limit:2000 words maximum  

Date: 8th May at Here2Help before 4pm


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