1. Discuss the objectives of case analysis and provide a clear and detailed statement of the organizational problem that you have selected for your major case analysis.
2. Discuss what is meant by credible sources and credible claims. Where might you find credible sources of information to address your major case problem?
3. 4. What are the benefits and limitations of a SWOT analysis? Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats you found for the organization in your major case analysis.
4. Using the assigned readings and outside sources, explain how you will integrate core values of excellence and integrity into your decision-making.
5. Discuss how using systems thinking will influence your decision-making.
6. Discuss how, as a leader, you can anticipate and overcome resistance to change in your organization.

For each of 6 need a well-written response at least 2 paragraphs in length, if necessary, any outside sources. Be sure to include any necessary citations and a corresponding reference list.

Material for guidance:

It is suggested that you select a recent problem of a public company, which will ensure that you will have access to the information necessary to complete your project.
Once you have located your business problem and read the case thoroughly to digest the facts, prepare your problem statement using the concepts discussed in class (be sure to include the 5 Ws in your statement) and post here for review.
Examples of effective problem statements: https://www.examples.com/business/problem-statement.html
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Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Issues
Ethical decisions are based on an individual’s beliefs, morals, and values. Frequently, there are many different points of view. A good decision-maker will consider all points of view. In this activity, you will voice your opinion, listen to the opinions of others, and respectfully debate the issue.
Remember the “thinking questions” provided to you after the self-driving cars scenario? Remember also that there is no wrong answer? Let’s see if our opinions differ on the right thing to do.
Let’s debate. Based on the following question, explain your decision and why you made it. You may then respectfully disagree with those who have made a different decision.
1. Would you purchase the car that was programmed to prioritize your safety above all else?
Good decision-makers should consider their own values and ethics when making business decisions, but they should also consider opposing viewpoints. In this activity, you should have made a decision about your purchase, supported it with sound reasoning, and listened respectfully to the opinions of others who may not agree with you. That’s the basis for integrating the Saint Leo University core value of excellence into your decision-making. 0 0
The Continuous Improvement Process
In this activity, you will select a real-world case from the list provided and explain how each of the 5 steps in the continuous improvement process was addressed. 0 0
Refuting and Supporting Claims
Using a variety of high-quality sources, locate a piece of evidence that supports one of the following statements.
1. Open offices increase creativity.
2. CEO compensation is justified by performance.
3. Casual dress codes are beneficial for the company.
4. Employees who work from home are more productive.
5. We need a minimum wage.
6. Companies should drug test their employees.
7. There should be gender quotas for women on boards of directors.
8. Happy employees do a better job.

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