Discussion 3
This activity requires you to participate in an in-depth discussion with your classmates which will provide the opportunity to exchange ideas as they pertain to the learning material. You are encouraged to discuss issues at your place of employment or other experiences. Read the learning material before posting your initial response.
According to Electronic Privacy Information Center (2021), the following are 10 reasons why the United States needs a data protection agency.

Take complaints and provide information to the public on data protection matters.
Examine the social, ethical, economic, and civil rights impacts of data collection practices and propose remedies.
Make annual reports to the public and Congress on the state of privacy in the United States and issue other reports as appropriate.
Convene public workshops and conferences, conduct polls and research, meet with stakeholders, and pursue other activities to obtain public input on data protection issues.
Enforce privacy statutes and rules as authorized by Congress, with a broad range of tools including civil penalties, injunctive relief, and equitable remedies.
Safeguard the personal data of individuals; prevent, remediate, and reduce discrimination and disparate impacts through the processing of personal data; and limit the collection, use, and sharing of personal data.
Oversee high-risk data practices, ensuring data processing and algorithms are fair, just, non-deceptive, and non-discriminatory.
Assess current threats to data protection in the U.S.
Promulgate rules to protect the privacy and security of individuals’ personal information.
Develop model privacy and data protection standards, guidelines, and policies for use by the private sector.

What are the three top reasons (from the list above) that you believe support an argument in support of a new federal agency identified as the “United States Data Protection Agency?”

Select three reasons from the list above.
Explain how each of your selections support an argument for a new data protection agency.
Elaborate in detail, incorporate the learning material and cite correctly in APA format.
Provide a realistic example (for each selection – three examples) of a situation involving a data issue that supports the need for the data protection agency.

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