Two-thirds of adolescent and adult Americans drink alcohol, and of those, eight to twelve percent will become problem drinkers. Earl Rochester expresses his point of view on alcohol by suggesting us to issue a drinking license. I agree with Rochester for three main reasons: safety, order, and lives.
The first reason why I agree with Rochester is for the safety of the people. There are many occurrences in the world where a drunken person becomes suddenly enraged and just happens to randomly lash out. Also from my personal experience, when my friend got drunk during a party, he threw a table and almost injured another person. Without safety, there would be no order in our community.
Accompanying material: Social Studies SBA on Alcohol

My second reason why I agree is because of order. Obviously, you cannot maintain proper order when everyone is intoxicated from drinking. Most people go crazy when they are drunk. Surveys taken by family members show that when somebody becomes drunk, their children are in danger of being hurt or also becoming an alcoholic. Order also ties in with the lives of other people.
My final reason I agree with Rochester is for the lives of others. Lives are endangered daily because of the use of alcohol. For example, when one does not have a designated driver, that intoxicated person decides to take the unsafe route and drive under the influence. This puts the life of others, passengers and other people on the streets in danger. The occurrences of death by alcohol is devastation and keeps on increasing every year because of how casually people drink even with their children present.
From safety, to order, to lives, I completely agree with Rochester’s idea, to issue drinking licenses for drinkers to commit to. Doing this will hopefully lessen the danger of drinking and educate the ignorant and foolish about this action.

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