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check the public relations analysis paper, I need u to edit the paper through some points. Firstly, make sure you only need to edit section 2 part of the paper, section 1 you don’t need to edit even one word. Before edit section 2 of the paper, u need read section 1 of the paper carefully. So based on section 2 what I need u to edit which are u need to writing some recommendation based on Analysis Section 1 of paper, then section 2 need to Refer to the pattern of structure example. It is necessary to propose a specific campaign (time, time, platform, etc.) that can help D & G recover the reputation. It must be written in the sostac planning model, and SWOT can be added. the model u can check out the week 9 collection. the most Important thing u need to edit is that Appendix content needs to be specific, and it should be write at least in one page, right now is only some sentences, I need appendix part at least one page. also I attached a reading&resources doc, you only can use reference from this doc, you can’t use other online resources.

Requirements: just edit what I ask for will be fine | .doc file


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