Email Marketing Campaign Assignment:(15%)

Email Marketing Campaign Assignment Overview
The goal of this assignment is to develop an email strategy and utilize email marketing to drive awareness and acquisition for your brand.
• Pick one of the following brands provided below and develop an email campaign that will drive the event identified objective and acquisition/attendance/registration/booking to your business.
• You are required to identify the ideal target audience, develop messaging and offer/incentive to drive email open rate, engagement and ultimately registration and attendance to the event.

Deliverable: Presentation format i.e. Prezi, PowerPoint, Keynote
• Email Marketing strategy which outlines your target audience including the number of emails you will send out.
• Your strategy needs to incorporate a Testing Matrix with the details of the variables being tested and why.
• Email strategy to identify
o Identify the CTA and Incentive
o Target audience and rational as to why you chose this audience
o What are the target audience characteristic?

• You need to develop an Introductory Email that incorporates all the email fundamental and a follow-up and reminder email for those that have registered for the event. (3 separate emails)
• Using HubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact or Adobe Spark (Gmail does not count) you will develop the email messaging and creative

Applicable Learning Outcomes:
1. Create and utilize basic social media accounts, apps, tools and platforms.
2. Analyze and evaluate information related to digital marketing and be able to communicate that information with an appropriate business and technical vocabulary.
3. Propose digital marketing strategies that are consistent with organizational objectives.
4. Understanding of online marketing opportunities, and the impact of the Internet on marketing activities

Gain experience using the different email marketing tools(MailChimp, Hubspot, Adobe Spark, Constant Contact)
Deepen your knowledge and experience with using email marketing strategies and tactics on how email marketing can help drive business. Utilize your strategic and creative skills to share information.

Client Selection: Pick One of the following for your Email Campaign
Fairmount Hotel – TIFF Event,
Starbucks – Customer Appreciation Event,
Air Canada Vacations – low fair event,
The Keg – Summer Nights Meal Special
Ritz Carlton Spa – Couple’s Day Spa Special

Constraints: MRK 413,

Resources: Google search, Canva, Adobe Spark, MailChimp, Property website

Evaluation: Worth 15% of your final grade.

Email Marketing Strategy and Creative Marking Rubric:

Criteria Marks
• Email Strategy
o Selection of ideal target audience
o Campaign Objective
o Frequency of emails
o Testing criteria
 What will you be testing? And Why?
o Incentive /20
• Email’s
o Messaging for the different touchpoints
o How did they integrate and differ to drive open rate and response?
o Look, feel and tone of voice of email
o Creativity, overall tone of the content /10
• Target Audience
o Why this audience
o What are the characteristics /20
• Email Execution and Creative
o Where all email best practice elements incorporated
o Subject Line
 How attention grabbing is it
 Would it entice to act!
o Incentive /40
• Use of Email development platform
o How effectively did you use the channel?
o How engaging was your email creative /10
Total /100

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