Engineering Skills and Ethics – GENEG107, SPRING 2021
Date due: January 24 (Sunday), 2021
Objective: Search for information via traditional and online sources (CLO 6)
Solve Problems 1.1 and 1.2 (chapter 1) from the textbook. Due date is January 24 (Sunday), 2021.
Please upload on Blackboard by 11:59 pm.
Textbook Problems:
1.1 Observe your own surroundings. What are some of the engineering achievements that you could
not do without today?
1.2 Using the Internet, find the appropriate organization for the following list of engineering
disciplines. Depending on your personal interests, prepare a brief two-page report about the goals
and missions of the organization you have selected.
Ceramic engineering
Chemical engineering
Civil engineering
Computer engineering
Electrical engineering
Electronic engineering
Environmental engineering
Industrial engineering
Manufacturing engineering
Materials engineering
Mechanical engineering
Qatar University
College of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering

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