Write an essay that describes and summarizes the key ideas in a chosen book or essay.
• The questions in Step B of Prewriting will guide your summary:
o What does the author want you to understand?
o What is the author’s main purpose?
o What ideas does the author use to support his/her purpose?
Requirements and Details:
• Word count requirement : 800-1000.
• You should have a minimum of five paragraphs, but you may have more. Keep in mind
that a well-developed paragraph is at least 5-10 sentences. You should have a distinct
introduction (with a thesis and forecast statement), a minimum of 3 body paragraphs and
a conclusion.
• You may use first person voice but we’re making the shift to third person use only for all
other essays, so use it sparingly. Keep in mind that personal opinions should not appear
in summary

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