This Assessment Covers The Following Learning Outcomes (LOs):

LO1 Understand principles, nature, and scope of e-marketing strategy: students should understand the implications of e-marketing in terms of opportunities and challenges created for ’s domestic and international business.

LO2 Research internet macro and micro-environments

LO3 Research the e-marketing mix and how this relates to traditional marketing; Students should be able to recognize potential business opportunities that are created by these differences

LO4 Understand the relationship between e-marketing and branding

General Information About This Assessment:

1. This is an individual assessment worth 50% of your total assessment weighting of the entire course.

2. To pass this assessment a minimum mark of 50% (50 out of 100 marks) is required.

3. There will be no resubmission or resit for this course.

4. You are required to keep a soft copy of the submitted assessment.

5. You need to submit your assessment through Turnitin via Canvas.

6. All students are required to attach the signed assessment coversheet with their final submission (the end page of this document).

7. Students are required to check their course outlines in relation to assessment extension requirements. Get Marketing Assignment: I need help writing a research paper.

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