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The Ethics of Archaeological Research

1.The Ethics of Archaeological Research Students must find/write a 300-word homework identifying three (3) significant concepts that they learned from the week’s reading *Chapter 1 (select pages—pp. 59-62 Start at “The ethics of archaeological research”) *Chapter 7 (select pages—pp. 226-245 Stop at “Clovis”; pp. 249-257 Start at “Why were the Pacific Islands settled?”) All response […]

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ETHICS CODE The first element of the design approach is divergence, in which the possibilities and constraints of current situations are explored through critical thinking. They then assist them in gaining a new understanding of the problem at hand, allowing them to develop better solutions. The second component is convergence, which involves exploring potential environments […]

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Sports Ethics

Sports Ethics Using the “Case Study Rubric which is attached as (page xv, write a two page paper discussing the rubric questions as they apply to your Case. The case attached 4-10 and you need not address all questions-just those that you feel are appropriate BUT do state the rubric question as exactly listed on […]

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Define ethics in human research

The presentation should address the following: Define ethics in human research and identify how ethics are presented in the article. Explain the background and hypothesis of the historical research project. Explain the role of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and note examples of protections for research participants. If there was no IRB, explain how having […]

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Mock Crime Scene of Analysis of Evidence

Mock Crime Scene of Analysis of Evidence Instructions Code of Ethics Prepare a code of ethics for a fictional criminal justice agency that includes a minimum of eight elements. If you are not a member of a criminal justice agency, research the type of agency you wish to join to get an idea of which […]

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