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BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational change

Assessment Task 4: Evaluate and review change management plan project
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Task summary

You must evaluate the change management process using the supporting information provided and recommend changes to the change management plan to SAMSON Media CEO.

This assessment will be completed in the simulated environment in the RTO.

Criteria to be competent

· Students must complete all the activities listed and be assessed satisfactorily against the assessment criteria included in the checklist included with this task.


· Computer with Microsoft Office and internet access

· This document

· Your assessment task 2


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· The colours of the Australian flag are blue, white, and red

Detailed instructions

Read the scenario information provided about updates on the change management process at SAMSON Media and complete

· Part 1 – Change management review report (all sections)

· Part 2 – Meet with the CEO and brief the CEO on your recommendations for changes to the change management plan

SUPPORTING INFORMATION – Change management update

Assume the following:

• Employees are satisfied with the information given during the change management process (see staff survey results below

• Communication occurred through multiple channels

· Weekly staff meeting

· Newsletter updates through staff email

Assume it is 1 month into the change process and a Staff Survey of the remaining staff has been conducted.

Complete the following activities:

SUPPORTING INFORMATION – Staff survey results

A survey of remaining staff has taken place with the following comments made by staff:

Staff responses about their experience of the change management process




· I love and look forward to the challenges of change. That’s what keeps me vibrant and keeps me interested. So ,I embrace change with excitement.

· Change is good. I don’t think I have any reservations so the way I feel about change is that I accept it. I am motivated by it.

· Personally, I get to experience the opportunity to have an impact on an improved way of operating in the organisation.


· I experienced a lot of different things. I am not sure whether it is disappointment or excitement.

· I guess it’s more a wait and see approach will lead to a bit of unease and nervousness.

· I think that some people go through varying emotions when they experience change. For me, I am not sure. I don’t know if it has affected me or not at this stage.


· Sometimes it makes you feel unsettled, so I experience a bit of anxiety.

· While there is an attempt to communicate by management and to be as open as possible, I still have a fear of the unknown.

· If I had to pick on one emotion, it’s probably “disillusionment” because at the end of the day, I don’t believe the department is honest with us when it comes to change.

Staff responses in relation to resistance to change


Not resisted

· I guess I personally haven’t resisted change. There’s no point in resisting change because it is inevitable. The best thing is to try and understand what it is all about and put yourself in the best position to achieve whatever needs to be done.

· No. I don’t resist change practices because I often do not see the point, particularly in restructures. Management will do whatever they want to do and you just go along with whatever. I don’t think there’s necessarily any point in resisting change.

· No, I do not resist change if the change is meaningful and if I understand the purpose for the change. I have had a lot of change in my life and I always like to see the positive in things and see things as a challenge. Likewise, I see change in this organisation as a challenge.

· Well, no. No, I don’t resist change. I said earlier that change is part of the workforce. It has to be. Different strategies are needed so change is with us. I don’t resist it.


· I think they employees resist if they don’t understand why we are doing it, that is, change and change management. I think if they understand what we want to achieve, then ‘yes’, they will not resist change and change management. If they don’t understand, then there’s going to be resistance. Why will they want to change if they don’t understand what we are trying to achieve?





· I have to say that communication is pretty good. I mean they don’t hide things from you.

· I feel that there is good communication within the group


· I believe the company does try to be seen to be providing as much communication as it can. There are regular staff meetings. I suppose there is a good flow of communication but whether we can expect what is being told is correct, is true, I am not sure.

Not satisfactory

· There needs to be more ways of communicating with staff than meetings and newsletters.

· There needs to be an open line of communication from top to bottom. We get more information from rumours than we do from bosses and that is something that is sad and not healthy. You need to give employees a general overview of what is happening.

· I don’t think that all information is presented in an open manner. Quite often one gets the feeling that some decisions already made are being sold to you. So I don’t think this organisation fosters open expression or opinions if your viewpoints happen to differ from those being presented to you.

· I cannot stress how important communication is and my experience has been that when you are not communicated to truthfully then you do not trust. If your communication channels are open and honest, change is an easy thing.

· I think communication can be improved. I have said earlier that there are board, executive and leadership meetings but I am not sure to how well the outcomes of these meetings are communicated throughout the organisation. So perhaps the only weakness that I see in this organisation in terms of change management would be overall communication and consultation. There are pockets of people who do change management very well but I’m not sure that it cascades right down to the bottom levels. People usually hear about the change after the event.

· They give us information so that they are hoping we’ll make the opinions they want us to make based on the information they provide. They don’t actively seek any feedback from us. I don’t believe they want feedback.


· Communication needs to be timely. Often people with my experience are very aware of changes that are going on a long time before it is formally articulated which leads to a lot of rumours, and misinformation. So timely communication is a key.

Part 1 – Change Management Review Report

1. State the change management objectives for Samson Media

2. Outline the range of communication activities associated with the change process that were conducted (using supporting information provided)

3. One month after the implementation of the change, a staff survey of all remaining staff was conducted, summarise the survey results (using the supporting information provided).

4. Based on your analysis of the supporting information provided, outline your recommendations for changes to communication activities

Part 2 – Present recommendations to CEO

As a group, meet with the CEO (your trainer) at the defined meeting time, and present your recommendations for changes to the change management plan

During the presentation, demonstrate effective communication skills including:

· Speaking clearly and concisely

· Using non-verbal communication to assist with understanding

· Asking questions to identify required information

· Responding to questions as required

· Using active listening techniques to confirm understanding of issues and questions raised by employees.

You may wish to use visual support

Suggested group presentation format

Person 1 – Introduction

Person 2 – Current status for the change process

Person 3 – Summarise feedback from survey

Person 4 – Recommendations for changes to change plan

Assessment Task 4 Checklist

Did the student:






Review staff survey comments and identity key themes?

Evaluate the effectiveness of the change management process according to data reviewed and change management objectives?

Present recommendations for changes demonstrating effective communication skills

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