List of research-based Individual assignment topics (20%)
Topic 1: Fair value implications during Covid 19 pandemic.
You are required to perform an in-depth analysis of a selected case study and submit a research report on the case (the list of case studies available on LMS). The case study topics are predominately linked with the industry practice and the unprecedented Covid-19 situation. To prepare your research-based-written report, please explore journals from google Scholar, articles published in the renowned newspaper and other available sources.
The assignment length would be a maximum of 3000 words (minus 10%). The research report is to be referenced APA/Harvard style (12 front, Times New Roman, 1.5-inch Margin). The structure of the report is open to all; however, the standard format of the report would be is as follows: Introduction Issues/facts/challenges/ (could be categories/subcategories) Suggestions/recommendations to way out of the issues Concluding remarks Students are advised to discuss with the unit coordinator/lecturer the detailed structure and procedure for research report preparation. Late submission: Late submission will not be accepted without prior permission from the unit coordinator. Finally, students should discuss the detailed structure and procedure for research report preparation with the unit coordinator/lecturer. Late submissions will not be accepted unless prior permission from the unit coordinator is obtained. 10% marks will be deducted for each day’s late submission. The LMS will have a (Plagiarism software) submission link.
Please be mindful of the originality of the writings and plagiarism guidelines of University.

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