GLL 110: Is Prostitution Just Another Job?

Is Prostitution Just Another Job?
Executive Summary
Prostitution is a big business. Many states estimate the income from prostitutions at tens of billions annually. The income is even amazing when the calculations are done on a per day basis. Given the hidden nature of prostitution a lot of financial activities related to it are not accounted for. Prostitution is the business or routine of taking part in sexual relations in return for payment or some other advantage. Prostitution is some of the time portrayed as business sex or snaring. Contingent upon the region, prostitution can be lawful or unlawful.
Arguments For Prostitution As Being A Job
Prostitution is a big business. Many states estimate the income from prostitutions at tens of billions annually. The income is even amazing when the calculations are done on a per day basis. Given the hidden nature of prostitution a lot of financial activities related to it are not accounted for. In the streets of cities many women are found, of which the main business is prostitution. Even the reasons that make people join prostitution tell with large volumes whether prostitution is a job or not. Mostly, the vulnerable, traumatized and economically insecure are the ones that join the sex industry and nearly find it impossible to exit as the marginalization widens. Wealthy men with much economic power buy the sex services hence the women earn money from such activities, just as argued by Outshoorn (2004).
On related stories, Lauren Hersh (2016), Director of Anti-Trafficking Policy and Advocacy at Sanctuary for Families, exposes that the New York Magazine underscores clearly the differences that exist between prostitution and other jobs. The article editors paint a picture of well-learned women- educated hipsters’ podcast romanticizing the sex industry. Women with privileges of gaining acquiring more degrees are keen to supplement its income. The reality of whether prostitution is a job dawns on one when you go deeper to understand the reasons that cause people to participate in this engagement. Taking the example of a 40 years-old Jill Brenneman, after losing her job entered the job voluntarily. More details on her history reveal that she was kidnapped, trafficked and raped at the age of 14 years. Another woman, Skylar, bore children while she was still a child herself. The orphaned lady could not find a way of providing for the children forcing her to enter prostitution. It is uncomforting to add that by the age of 15 she had lost control for his boss and clients when she wanted to get paid.
Prostitutes’ pay rates and installments change as per the monetary states of their separate nations. Prostitutes who as a rule have foreign customers, for example, business explorers, rely on upon great outside monetary conditions. Payment may shift as per controls made by pimps, massage parlor managers, madams, and procurers, who as a rule take a cut out of a prostitute’s income. Prices may assist rely on upon interest; mainstream, top of the line prostitutes can gain critical measures of cash (upwards of $5,000 per client), and virgins may get considerably higher payments.
It is probably with this knowledge that some countries have decided to legalize prostitution. For over thirty years now, prostitution has been legalized in several states and regions in Australia according to Outshoorn (2004). The law requires that the brothel premises and their owners be licensed while the sex workers are not. Moreover, sex workers who are employed in legal prostitution have entitlement to the same rights was workers in the other areas of the economy. The move to legalize prostitution in Australia away from the old ‘British’ started in early 1960s. The Australian feminists reasoned out that that prostitution ought to be treated as ‘work’ while the prostitutes as ‘sex workers’.
It is seen that Zimbabwe’s desperate financial circumstance has constrained numerous ladies into sex work. Owing to constrained openings for work and absence of money to begin pay producing ventures, a large portion of these young ladies resort to offering their bodies. Insufficiently dressed women of the evenings are usually seen with blood shot eyes from absence of satisfactory rest exacerbated with medication and liquor misuse meandering around night clubs, lodgings transformed into houses of ill-repute to upgrade odds of getting a sex-buyer. DEBATGE. ORG (2016) reported that these prostitutes dropped out of school or neglected to proceed with instruction and prostitution has turned into the main calling available to them. Prostitution accompanies disgrace and coerce and the social orders typically get to be concerned at the point when exceptionally splendid brains fall into notoriety.
However, prostitution was not their underlying decision of work but rather that of a social framework that uncovered defenseless ladies and the young lady youngster. The abnormal amounts of unemployment (more than 90%) are rebuked for the ascent of prostitution in Bulawayo. The conclusion of commercial ventures in Bulawayo has made young ladies to turn to unlawful arrangements as a method for creating pay. Along these lines, a long way from review the part of de-industrialization in the centrism mantra, nor in the radical or rightist state, DEBATGE. ORG (2016) desires the country as an entire to view its gradually expanding influences to most crowded electorate – the young people.
Weitzer (2011) argues that prostitution is as often as possible saw as a type of abuse of or savagery against women and children, and makes a supply of casualties for human trafficking. As at present, women’s activists had three diverse perspectives on prostitution. The principal saw prostitution sexual assault. The second considered it to be a job where ladies could investigate their sexuality and the third considered it to be work yet disagreeable work as monetary need. The face-off regarding fixated on these distinctive perspectives and delivered a strategy which expressed that on the grounds of self-sufficiency, ladies from any nation had the privilege to function as a prostitute yet that coercion and misuse ought to be counteracted. This strategy was revered in the “Repeal of the Brothel Ban” bill which implied that gave they met certain gauges and conditions, massage parlors were legitimate. Willful prostitution, that is, non-forced, is seen as sex work, and districts have the obligation to permit houses of ill-repute and set wellbeing and safety standards for prostitutes.
In conclusion, while people have different views concerning whether prostitution is a job, many accept that there has emerged a group of people in the world’s society that are using it as a source of income and thus it is a job to them. Some nations including Australia have legalized prostitution and given legalized sex workers as much rights as those citizens who work in other sectors. Poverty is usually the main cause of prostitution though a limited number of ladies relate this menace to earlier experiences with sexual assaults.

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