In a Word document, type Dos and Don’ts of Responding to a Complaint and Writing an Apology that you and your group came up with during the last class.
Read: Chapter 2 (pp. 15-37) – “Write to Accomplish Goals” –  and excerpts from Chapter 10 – “Craft Your Writing For the Interactive World”(pp. 231-239 & 254-255 ) from Business Writing Today (this hw reading is available in the attached pdf but make sure to purchase the textbook before the next class). Make sure to take notes as you read so that you can complete the written portion of this homework assignment.
In the same Word document, using a different font or color, add new Dos and Don’ts that you learned about from reading the chapters.
Review the instructions for Social Media Packet. Browse Yelp website and choose a company/business on behalf of which you would like to respond to a customer complaint. Find one descriptive complaint that you wish to respond to and copy/paste into the same Word document. Underneath the complaint, respond to the two following questions:
What is the goal of your response? What are you trying to achieve via your response to the complaint?
Based on the language used in the complaint, what can you say about the unhappy customer? Using the characteristics from the Chapter 2, profile the customer. Be as detailed as possible. 

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