Healthcare Organization EBP

Post a description of the healthcare organization website you reviewed. Describe where, if at all, EBP appears (e.g., the mission, vision, philosophy, and/or goals of the healthcare organization, or in other locations on the website). Then, explain whether this healthcare organization’s work is grounded in EBP and why or why not. Finally, explain whether the information you discovered on the healthcare organization’s website has changed your perception of the healthcare organization. Be specific and provide examples.
Healthcare Organization EBP
The selected healthcare organization is Mayo Clinic, non-profit healthcare, and academic center. The organization integrates research, patient care, and education in their practice. According to the organization’s mission statement, research and integrated clinical practice are priorities in patient care (Mayo Clinic, 2020). The commitment to utilizing evidence-based practice is embedded in the website. One of the programs of the healthcare organization is to research, evaluate, and summarize available research (Peterson & Morris, 2019). The evidence-Based Practice Research Program comprises systematic reviews, meta-analysis, meta-narrative, clinical practice guidelines, and research methodologies.
Mayo Clinic is one of the 12-healthcare organizations in the United States that is currently designated and funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) (Mayo Clinic, 2020). The agency provides the funding as a recognition that the healthcare organization is an evidence-based practice center. The synthesis of the research is crucial since single research cannot be relied on to make practice decisions (Johnston et al., 2019). The organization is grounded on synthesis since statements on the website demonstrate that evidence synthesis provides the least bias, leads to evidence-based practice, reduce wastage of resources, and create future agendas such as identifying and eliminating gaps in their practice and knowledge.
The information I found on the organization’s website changed my perspective about the practice guidelines of Mayo Clinic. For example, the information that changed my perspective is to discover that Mayo Clinic has an Evidence-Based Practice Research Program (Mayo Clinic, 2020). I only knew the organization was using evidence-based practice. I did not know it had a dedicated research program to synthesize research. Another example is that the website shows the research projects that the organization is conducting using evidence-based practice. Providing the information to the public or patients is an expression of their confidence in using evidence-based practice in their operations.

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