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Select a health care organization (for-profit or nonprofit) for which you will complete a SWOT analysis. This organization may be your own institution or another.
Research multiple aspects of this organization, including its intended market, to gain valid and accurate information about its internal strengths and weaknesses (which are within the organization’s control), as well as external opportunities and threats. Depending on the organization you select, this information might be found in a variety of sources: business databases, journals, reports, the organization’s website, websites of professional organizations, and websites that rate health care facilities. You may also wish to reach out and interview several key people attached to that organization for additional insights. Research a variety of sources to best ensure a balanced, well-rounded, and comprehensive view of this organization.

As you conduct your research, identify:
What does this organization do particularly well? Does it have a specific and recognized niche?
What resources does the organization have that might set it apart from its competition or position it for future growth?
What does the market perceive as strengths of the organization?
What financial considerations are relevant to its strength?
What needs improvement in the organization?
What resource deficits might impact this organization?
What does the market perceive as weaknesses of the organization?
What financial considerations are relevant to weaknesses?
With strengths and weaknesses in mind, what opportunities are available to this organization?
Might any current trends translate to opportunities?
What competitive threats exist for the organization?
Do insufficient or outdated resources hamper the organization?
Might any current trends translate to threats?
Do any market, regulatory and or legal issues present threats?
Complete a 1-page SWOT analysis matrix (using the template provided) that includes the following:
Bulleted list of (a) strengths, (b) weaknesses, (c) opportunities, and (d) threats related to the health care organization selected

Note: Synthesize the information you have gathered in your research so that each bullet point clearly represents the most significant considerations within each category. While this is a 1-page document, and might appear to be deceptively simple, each point must be the result of deep and critical thinking.
Carefully review the SWOT analysis, looking for synergies, leading business and market indicators, relationships, and connections between categories.
Write a 4- to 6-page proposal that includes the following:
A rationale for the choices you made in each of the four SWOT quadrants: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
Why do you consider each bulleted point to be significant?
Use a variety of academic and professional sources to support your findings.
Creative strategic recommendations for the organization that align to information gained in the SWOT analysis
This interpretation of information requires a demonstration of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills—skills required in authentic strategic planning.

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