How building a new football stadium on-campus impacts FAU (Florida Atlantic University).
An on-campus stadium provides a venue not just for playing football games but other university athletics games and holding functions such as, graduations, convocations, concerts and other large events. Definitely building a new stadium have its own challenges, but the major one being financial outlay involved, i.e. Miami Hurricanes in helping to pay for costs, the U needed the taxpayer to help out which meant if you live in the city of Miami or state of Florida. Also, the Miami student will most likely pay student fees for the stadium as so as to pay for it’s new stadium, Minnesota turned to its students to pay $12.50 each semester from around 50,000 students to help cover costs. This meant that in one semester the university makes over $625,000 for its stadium fund.
Erdmann estimated that it would cost average between $80 million and $140 million for a stadium of about 30,000-35,000, this included all the amenities needed for a soon-to-be Football Bowl Subdivision team. But this is a ridiculous large sum of money for the school to raise although, he futher suggested that such a stadium could also be suitable for the Senior Bowl or the GMAC Bowl if the leaders of those games decided to leave Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Any games played on the stadium automatically generates revenue, but as noted by John Baranowski of Bleacher Report on “Pitt Football Should Begin Plans for On-Campus Stadium” Financing can come from various financiers as well such combination of philanthropy, and financing against committed contractual stadium revenues. He also suggested that having a large number of suites, loge boxes, club rooms and lounges in the new stadium can be used to host and entertain alumni, while not limiting other corporate parties and donors as well.
This proved true as alumni are a major target in raising funding as discussed on “Hurricanes Football: Miami to Build New Stadium?” by Lee W. a Bleacher Report Correspondent ‘an on-campus stadium would in Miami give the students a better reason to come to the game and excite alumni and fans. An on-campus stadium would build a new tradition for the U. Also, it would totally reconfigure the state’s recruiting balance of power’ thus when this becomes a tradition the games future would be bright as the alumni will also act as good ambassadors and bring their children to the same campus with better facilities and help more in development.
Also there are other financial channels where funding can come from, such as corporate naming rights and sponsorships, this definitely would bring in millions of dollars when combined with other match day activities such as merchandise ,ticket revenue, concessions, and also parking. Sponsorship is a major source of income not only in football by in sports at large as is from the wealthy people or companies who give money for maybe naming rights. This will make FAU be known all over if associated with a international sponsor and ensure it doesn’t run in debts when raising building capital.
With better sponsors who promote media coverage the media relations in the university will strengthen catapulting FAU on a national stage where the outcome is exposure of the players where talent can be identified and marketed. This is beneficial to the players who have ambition to play on the big stage and be identified by big clubs. When this players get bought the University will surely benefit from this and publicity.
Most fans go to the game and then afterwards drive home or someplace to find something to eat and drink. When a FAU stadium is built and other facilities such as restaurants , retail shops and student housing will come up which are a source of revenue which is a great asset to the institution and the community at large. The sport finance is mostly from the fan base and the advertising which can arise from the on- campus stadium if advertising is made.
Despite the many drawbacks, that may arise in construction of a new stadium an overall better decision for the FAU is build a brand new football stadium that will in turn attract fans and recruits, who will provide a better atmosphere for FAU games. Funding would also have to come maybe from sources beyond the university and even would require financial aid from as far as the city, county or even state in the event the collected funds are not sufficient. But that seems unfortunately as Mobile City Council President Reggie Copeland Sr., long known energetic supporter of the city’s sports endeavors, put it plainly that the city probably wouldn’t join such a venture, more specifically not in the near future.
“It’s certainly a valid question (will USA build an on-campus stadium), but I don’t think we’ll see it for three or four year at least,” Copeland said. “We’ve spent a large amount of money making improvements to Ladd-Peebles Stadium, including enhancements for South Alabama’s use. … We’re presenting a challenge to them and we want them (Ladd-Peebles) to be their home field and I know it will be for the next three or four years. ” this shows the government reluctant to participate in the bulding of on-campus stadium necessitating the university to find its own funding.
It is evident that FAU would benefit also having a on-campus stadium due to the other benefits associated with sports although the initial capital required would be a challenge. But in the long run the money from Marketing, Sponsorship and media would go a long way making the sport department stable and providing better state of the art training facilities.

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