Cancer or Infectious Disease Report
1) Title Page including name, course name, section, the term (5 points)
2) An explanation of what cancer is in general
An explanation of what an infectious disease is (including chain of infection) (5 points)
3) An introduction to the specific type of cancer or disease you are researching (5 points)
1. a) What part of the body does it affect?
How is it spread? (infectious diseases only) (2.5 points)
2. b) What are the symptoms? What are the long/short term effects? (2.5 points)
3. c) What are the treatments? (2.5 points)
4. d) What is the survival rate for people with this type of cancer/disease? (2.5 points)
4) What organizations, societies, or groups are there to support people with this type of cancer/disease? Where can you find more information about it? (5 points)
5) Your sources in APA format (minimum of 3 scholarly sources). (7.5 points)
** This can be in bullet point format or Q&A format, but everything should be written in complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar.
**MUST be typed (Times New Roman font size 12)
**Handwritten assignments WILL NOT be accepted!
Format (2.5 points)
Grammar (5 points)

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