Timeline: Critical Events in the Lives of Girls & Women

Another possible writing assignment is to create a timeline of the events that you think are most crucial and important in a girl/woman’s life, and to consider how much (research-wise) we know about these life events or stressors. (Hey, if Freud & others thought they could do it, you can too!)

What questions about girls/women really seem to remain unclear or are not answered in current mainstream psychology?

If it helps you to create a visual timeline, you may add that. The graph or visual is not a requirement; but it does help some people to first think it through this way & then create an accompanying narrative.

References are also not an absolute requirement for this paper, but could likely be useful, especially if you are pointing out how existing theory/data are either adequate/inadequate in helping us to answer questions about girls’/women’s lives.

The paper should be approximately 2 typed pages, with 1.5 spacing. If you create a graph or figure, that might be page 3.

For an example of an old measure that was developed to look at life events see:

Holmes- Rahe Stress Inventory

Is this scale androcentric, or does it adequately cover both male & female life events?

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