Group Project

Improving Competitiveness of ( JAFZA or any other free zone in the UAE) in the Post-COVID 19 Scenario

Executive Summary (100 words)

Chapter 1: Introduction
Introduction about the free zone. Why was it created? What has been achieved by it?
( approximately 600 words)
Rationale (This is part of introduction)

An important reason for undertaking this research study arises from the problems posed by COVID-19 pandemic for the global supply chains. The decision makers must respond to the pandemic for staying competitive in international business.
Write few more lines here
Research Method (This is part of introduction)
This research is based on a qualitative research method including focus group discussion with 15 customers ( Explain briefly in approximately 200 words)
Outline of the Study (This is part of introduction. Explain in one paragraph your chapter scheme)

Ethical Considerations (This is part of introduction)

This research is based on published sources of data and does not cause indirect or direct harm to any organization or researchers. Following internationally-accepted academic tradition, the sources of information have been duly acknowledged in the study.
Chapter 2: The Challenges
Explain the challenges facing the free zone that you have selected in the post-COVID scenario. Explain that you have identified these challenges following a focus group discussion with customers.
( Approximately 400 words)
Chapter 3: Strategy for Improving Competitiveness
Suggest a suitable strategy for the free zone to respond to the challenges identified in chapter 2 with a view to survive and grow in a competitive environment
Cite references here to support your strategy (For example Porter’s articles)
( Approximately 400 words)

Bibliography ( Harvard or APA style)

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