Individual Assignment: Exploring T&D in Practice (15%)

Individual Assignment: Exploring T&D in Practice (15%)
The purpose of this assignment is to explore business practices related to employee T&D, good and bad
examples, issues & challenges, and tips for improvement. All students must choose an organization in the
UAE as a focus for this assignment.
The following seven areas should be covered in the report (in each of these areas you are gathering
information, specifically but not limited to the corresponding questions)
1. Training Department & functions in organizations– (How does it look like (the structure of the
department)? What functions they perform?)
2. Training Budgets (How is it budgeted? how is it spent? training request approval process, the
priority, what percentage of the training budget is utilized? etc.)
3. Training Need analysis (Who participates in the TNA process? how is it done? who decides what
the training needs are? etc.)
4. Learning objectives (How is it designed? who involves in designing LO? examples, etc.)
5. Training methods (What methods/techniques are used for training? criteria for choice of
methods, use of technology, etc.)
6. Training Evaluation (Is it done? how is it done? Is the process effective? etc.)
7. Recommendation for Improvements
❖ Maximum Mark is 15% including presentation. Individual assessment is 10% (including 5% for
presentation). The assessment criteria are shown below:
❖ The Report (10%)
▪ The extent of coverage on each of the topics, bringing in relevant and significant
information from T&D practice perspective
▪ The extent of learning experience for the readers.
▪ Organizing of the information
▪ Level of involvement and contribution in the assignment
▪ Balanced coverage of all the topics
▪ Consistency in quality across the report
❖ Individual Presentation with PowerPoint (5%)
▪ Standard presentation assessment rubrics will be used for grading
❖ Sources of data collection:
• Primary Sources (Interview HR/T&D Practitioner, own experience, etc.) and/or
Students are advised to not rely on online resources (Research articles, reports or web resources)

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