Individualized education program (IEP)
Utilizing Asinka’s analysis that we reviewed and mentioned in school, in addition to her present IEP, I would really like you to establish the helps you as her trainer would put into place to deal with ASINKA’S particular wants because it applies to her Bodily, Social/Emotional, Linguistic, Interpersonal Relationships, Conduct, and Lecturers.

For EACH of the six sections, it is advisable to present at the least two methods that can deal with Asinka’s wants as outlined within the analysis and/or on her IEP. For instance, we all know she has challenges with making eye contact, so what technique would you utilize to deal with this particular want?

Your paper needs to be at the least two double-spaced pages with 12pt font, APA fashion. Your heading mustn’t embody the highest half of your web page.

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