please read carefully all listed instructions of what you are supposed to do in the following questions :

very important:

How long should each question be?

Your answers to EACH of the three questions must be between 150-250 words (for a total of 450-750 words). This means question 1 should be at least 150 words, question 2 should be at least 150 words, etc. Writing 200 words for question 1 and only 100 words for question 2 is not acceptable. Failure to meet the minimum word count for any of the three questions will result in a lower score.

Responses must be written in your own words. No quotes allowed.

Answer the following questions:

1a. Solve Death in a Duplex.pdf

Minimize File Preview

.Who do you think is the killer and why?

1b. What evidence best supports your conclusion?

2a. Read ‘Take it or leave itPreview the document’. What crime scene ethical dilemmas are discussed in this article?

2b.There are several solutions given. Which solution do you support or do you have another solution? Be specific.

2c. Why do you support that particular solution?

3a. The ‘ethical dilemmas in forensics (Links to an external site.)’ and ‘Last week tonight: Forensic science (Links to an external site.)Shape, arrow Description automatically generated’ both include stories about miscarriages of justice that occurred due to faulty forensics. Give at least one example of a miscarriage of justice from each of these sources.

3b. According to ‘Confirmation bias, ethics, and mistakes in forensics (Links to an external site.)’, what errors occurred in the examples you gave and why?

3c. How do avoid the errors you mentioned?

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