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15 working days after deadline (L6)
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Unit title & code Running A Business SPO093-3
Assignment number and title 1 Case Study
Assignment type Individual Report
Weighting of assignment 100%
Size or length of assessment 2,000 Words
Unit learning outcomes Analyse, evaluate and apply the relevant sport management programmer planning approaches to developing a sport and physical activity organisation
Ability to critically evaluate the various approaches to sport management planning in order to develop a sport and physical activity organisation

What am I required to do in this assignment?
Assessment will be a 2000-word case study in which you will be required to compile a case study critically considering examples of sporting enterprise and entrepreneurship practice to develop a business plan for a Sport and Physical activity organisation from one of the three industry sectors – public, private and voluntary.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

Analyse the public, private, voluntary and commercial sectors in the provision of sport and physical activity and use the understanding of theory linked to developing provision.

Identify and discuss the value rationales, leadership practices and management operations informing the enterprise of sport development projects currently operating within the commercial, public and voluntary sectors

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
A critical review of the organisation’s business practice, as well as an examination of the internal and external environments so as to 1) establish the degree to which there is a ‘strategic fit’ between business practice and business environment and 2) generate a range of viable, evidence-based, strategic choices for new development. This will necessitate the considered use of key strategic analysis tools, as well as the appropriate use of supportive literature.

It is important to note the assessment task requires you to “critically review” the organisation’s business practice. This requires that you do not simply state/describe what the organisation does, and why and how it does it; you must be sure to draw upon multiple sources and relevant evidence to establish the viability – the strategic fit – of the organisation’s mode and scope of business as it is set against what is a changing industry context. The generation of viable strategic options for new development must also be critically considered against this context. It is not expected that you generate an exhaustive list of strategic options for new development for the case study – rather, only identify, through appropriate analyse, what you deem to be the strategic significant for each organisation.

This is an evidence-based exercise and as such it is expected that you draw upon a wide-variety of information sources, i.e., policy documents, industry periodical articles, as well as academic publications (book chapters and journal articles). In short, show your working!
How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The unit sessions combines formal “summative” (individually case study and project work) and regular informal “formative” (problem-based, cooperative and reflective) modes of delivery, drawing also upon peer review and peer support techniques throughout the unit, so as to emphasise and develop individual as well as collaborative student learning,

How will my assignment be marked?

Your assignment will be marked according to the threshold expectations and the criteria on the following page.

You can use them to evaluate your own work and consider your grade before you submit.

3rd Class – 40-49% Lower 2nd – 50-59% Upper 2nd – 60-69% 1st Class – 70%+
1 Adequate level of analysis that provides an overview of the sport enterprise. Only one strategic analysis tool used and applied. Satisfactory level of analysis. Some use of critical evaluation. At least two strategic analysis tools are used and applied correctly
A good analysis is provided that is supported by a critical evaluation. At least three strategic analysis tools are used to provide a comprehensive analysis and critique of the sport business. Authoritative understanding and exploration of the topic. A range of strategic analysis tools are included to provide a well balance critique
2 Clarity of work may be compromised by limited expression and vocabulary or errors. Structure may be poor and referencing inconsistent. Work shows a sound structure which is logical and clear. Some errors may be evident. Sound referencing style with occasional inaccuracies. Work shows a good structure and is accurate, fluent and clear. Referencing is consistent and accurate. Work shows a sophisticated structure. It is concise and fluent. Arguments are comprehensively supported with an accurate referencing style.
3 Some ability to construct critical evaluation. Development of argument may be flawed by some irrelevance or omission. Sound construction of argument showing evidence of critical evaluation. Recommendations are presented but require more development. Clear evidence of critical evaluation and development of ideas to support recommendations. Can sustain a rigorous and insightful argument through consistent critical evaluation and presentation of appropriate recommendations.
4 Some ability to apply wider sports policy. Application is flawed by inappropriate application or lack of detail. Sound positioning and use of wider sports policy but requires more development.
Good positioning of work within the sports sector. Provides a reasoned application of the wider sports policy. Excellent positioning of work within the sport sector. Draws on a range of policies and applies them appropriately to the sport business.
5 Some ability to reflect nature of sports industry. Little evidence of collaboration / knowledge exchanges. Weak discussion relation to future performance. . Is able to reflect on the sport industry. Little evidence of active collaboration or knowledge exchange. Some discussion relating to future performance is evident. Conclusions are loosely supported by evidence.

Offers a good reflection of the sport industry. A good review of collaboration and knowledge exchange is included, and evidence provided. Is able to develop recommendations to improve future performance. Conclusions are supported by evidences, although some discrepancies are evident. Offers excellent reflection of their role and analysis of the sports industry. Provides an excellent review and evidence of knowledge exchange. Recommendations and limitations of the project is considered.

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