Assessment type: Report on Internet of Things (IoT) technology application and presentation (2,000 word report  – individual assessment. Assessment purpose: Produce a report evaluating an Internet of Things (IoT) technology application. The IoT should be one of smart home, smart health or smart agriculture.This assessment contributes to learning outcomes

 c and d.  

Assessment topic: Internet of Things Task details: Part A: Report The internet of things report must be written in business report format and should include at least the following sections: executive summary, table of contents Introduction: Briefly introduce the technology being evaluated Main Body: 

Describe the internet of things and its claimed application and benefits to organisations 

 Identify the potential scope for use in business and government organisations and the benefits o Give examples of “use” cases in organisations Outline potential impacts of the technology: o Will it disrupt or affect industry and/or IT? How? 

What issues in ethics, law and society will it raise? 

 How will it affect organisations, IT departments, CIOs and IT professionals? A Summary and Conclusion: Provide your overall evaluation of the potential benefits of the internet of things along with any associated issues and the likely time frame for adopting the technology by organisations. Make clear recommendations for organisations in regard to the technology 

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