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As a result, I’ve attached a rubric as well as the research paper. The only requirement for the writer is to write the Clinical Impact of the Trial, such as How does/did the results of this trial impact clinical practice? Make certain that you strictly adhere to the rubric that has been provided.

Include a synopsis.

An outline is a concise plan for the paper. It is typically presented as a bullet point list, with each bullet representing a separate paragraph. An outline’s purpose is to assist the customer in finishing the future paper, so it must have a clear structure and logically connected ideas.
Journal Club Presentation

• Students will work in their assigned groups to develop a Journal Club Presentation.
• Each group has been assigned one journal to present during assigned recitation section on November 21 and 23
• Each group will read the assigned trial and create an 10 minute PowerPoint presentation including the information listed below (with 2-3 minute Q&A).
• All members must be present for the presentation. Anyone who is not present for their group’s presentation with an unexcused absence will have their individual grade reduced by 20 points. (The grade for the rest of the group will not be affected).
• The presentation should be divided up so that all group members present a part of the presentation.
• All of the following information regarding the trial should be included:
o Background
 Citation, affiliation, funding
 Background information
 Study rationale
o Study Overview
 Study objectives
 Study hypothesis
o Methods
 Study design
 Clinically pertinent inclusion and exclusion criteria
 Interventions
 Primary and secondary endpoints
 Monitoring and measurement
 Statistical tests for all endpoints
 Power analysis
 Pre-set level of significance
o Clinical Impact of the Trial
 How does/did the results of this trial impact clinical practice?
o Make sure to include references in your presentation
• A 2-3 -minute question and answer session will take place after the presentation

Submission: Regardless of what day the group is presenting, a final copy of the presentation PowerPoint slides is due on 11/17/22 at 5pm. The presentation should be submitted on Canvas.
• Each group will be assessed by a resident facilitator using the TCOP Journal Club Rubric.

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