Leadership of a 21st Century Business Leader

Leadership of a 21st Century Business Leader
Using relevant theories and models critically evaluate and analyse the leadership of a 21st century leader of a (business, government or not-for-profit) organisation. If you were in the position of the leader, what could you do to be a better leader and make a stronger impact on the followers and on the situation

For this assignment you can select a leader from a large or a small organisation. You can select a leader from your own organisation or one that you are familiar with. It could be a CEO of an international organisation whom you have read about in the newspapers/biographies, or a family member who runs a small business with a few staff members. The choice of leader and organisation is yours.

Write a report in which you cover the following:

A clear description of the leader, the organisation/industry, and situation/context.
An evaluation of the leader by referring to concepts and theories covered in the subject (e.g. style, behaviour, traits, attitudes, power) and by referring to relevant examples and mini-cases in the textbook (where appropriate).
A discussion of how you would lead differently if you were put in the same situation/s as the leader and how you could make a stronger impact on the followers and on the situation/s.
It is important to demonstrate your knowledge about Leadership and to clearly reference your sources. Read about Leadership in journal articles (using AIB Online Library), books (including the textbook), business literature, etc. Note the sources and use then throughout the report.

Remember that pure description and paraphrasing is not sufficient. A good report will clearly take an analytical approach and demonstrate application of leadership concepts/theories.

In order to do well you need to structure your discussion appropriately, use good references, and clearly link recommendations to description and analysis presented earlier in the report.

This assessment is an individual assessment (ie this is not a group assessment). Please ensure you avoid collusion and other practices which compromise individual assessment work. Please use some referencing from Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience. Eighth Edition. Richard L Hughes, Robert C Ginnet

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