Life cycle assessment and carbon foot print
1) Taking the Life Cycle Assessment perspective, which stage of the life cycle, all the way from raw material extraction to end-of-life disposal, will contribute the highest carbon emissions (kg Co2 eq.) for 1) Biofuel-based cars, 2) Electric Cars, 3) Hybrid Cars and 4) Hydrogen Cars. Consider the system boundary to be well-to-wheel and the functional unit is 1 passenger-km.
Explain your reasoning for each technology pathway separately. (10 points)
2) Each student should keep a diary of all the meals for I day. No need to track individual ingredients, only meals (e.g. omelette for breakfast, chocolate for snack, hamburger with fries for lunch, etc.)
a) Go to the carbon “food”print calculator at: to calculate the total CO2 equivalent consumed per day by summing up the values for all meals. 6 points
If you do not find the exact meal on the website, use a meal from the list with similar ingredients for approximation.
b) What changes can you make in your 1) diet and 2) food source to reduce the carbon footprint? 4 points

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