Literature Review
The essence of the literature review is to investigate the previous literature works in regard to the current research. Most of this literature tends to have various perspectives and themes according to the researcher’s objectives and area of study. Due to the divergent perspectives of this previous works one needs to be keen in identifying the various theme being discussed and choose whether they relate with his or her objectives. Mostly the literature will start on a general view before concentrating on the major study area, thus the reader can first review the wider scope and the facts or assumptions being made in the work before embarking on the presentation of the theme to research on. In addition the previous works are not only good for helping in writing own work but also it is helpful for widening the author’s knowledge in the research topic.

As a researcher the review have to be well evaluated, structured and organized such that the various aspects discussed by various literatures are group together and discussed with their various findings and synthesized in a manner one can be able to infer from the work. The literature review is a vital part of every research project thus the various materials needs to be digested so on can identify if there is any chance the work he or she aims to do have already been done and if so what can be added or modified. With good understanding of the previous works the researcher is able to plan and anticipate the challenges that may arise and also identify the area requiring further research. In conclusion it very important to read and review the previous researches, even if they might be focusing on different themes, as the same field of study can be tackled from different views too.

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