Major Project Parts B & C – Campaign Plan
A ssessment Brief
Program Bachelor of Business
Subject code MKT102A/MKG103
Subject name Bachelor of Business
Assessment title Assessment 3
Major Project Parts B & C – Campaign Plan
Group or individual assessment Pairs or Individual –Same as Major Project Part A
Length Maximum 2500 words (+/- 10%, not including schedule/data tables)
Learning outcomes addressed b) Explain the principles and practices involved in the creation of effective advertisements.
c) Discuss the laws and regulations applying to the advertising industry as well as major ethical issues relating to advertising in Australia.
d) Compare and contrast the advantages of the different types of advertising media.
e) Design an advertising campaign based on a client brief.
Submission date
11:55pm on Friday of Week 11
Total marks 100 Marks
Weighting 50% (40% Plan + 10% Presentation)
Assessment Brief:
Campaign – Major project Part B
Using the advertising brief prepared in Major Project Part A (Assessment 2) prepare a proposal
for an Australian market advertising campaign for the featured brand. Using the submission
templates provided on the portal to cover required detail for the following topics:
1. Background Summary (the brief) including the campaign objectives
4. Creative rationale (Why will your
appropriate to deliver the Big Idea)
3. Creative concept (what is your BIG IDEA? Identifying the Advertising Appeal and creative techniques to be used. Describe the journey from USP to execution of the creative idea) big idea work? And why the appeal & creative technique is
5. Media strategies and schedule (what media mix you recommend and why. Reference should be made to the media consumption habits of your target audience. Identify legal or Ethical considerations in media placement.)
6. Creative Execution – attach samples reflecting your media mix (print advert, outdoor poster, website tower, radio script, TV storyboard etc.)
7. Implementation – Legal & Ethical considerations in creative production, production considerations such as creative production schedule, material deadlines and mandatory inclusions & campaign budget summary
Presentation: Major project Part C
Based on the Campaign proposal outlined above prepare a 10 minute presentation following the
presentation template provided.
Campus students: Oral presentation in class Week 12 Supported with approximately 12
PowerPoint slides plus any other presentation aids.
Online Students: Recorded presentation. Approximately 12 slide PowerPoint presentation with
a recorded slide by slide narration/voice over

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