Students are required to use the Assessment Cover Sheet, which is downloadable from

General Information Section in Moodle, as the front page of their assignment submission file.

Every business has to face competition unless it is running under a monopoly market structure. Competitor analysis is an essential part of a business plan. Competitor analysis allows a company to become competitive in the market.

For assessment 2 you are required to choose a company/business and prepare a competitor analysis based on the following:

1. Identify the competitors of the company,

2. How you can find those competitors,

3. List and rank at least five competitors: direct and indirect competitors,

4. Create a competitor analysis grid that includes company information, product/service information, customer information, and sources of competitive advantage and data.

5. Assess competitor current and future objectives, strategies including target market, marketing mix, and competitor’ marketing organizations.

6. Your essay must include at least 5-7 current peer-reviewed (scholarly) journal articles in addition to any textbook, magazine, website and other references.

The Essay is in TWO PARTS:

PART A – Project plan, structure and chosen references in a summary of no more than

250 words 3 Marks

PART B – Detailed reports are up to 2000 words 12 Marks


Assignments must be typed. It is perfectly fine to manually draw in the diagrams, by leaving spaces in your typing or by adding them as Appendixes. Diagrams can be time-consuming and difficult to draw on the computer. Scan your final manual version and upload to the Assignment site. Make sure you keep a copy. In general, you should not copy and paste diagrams from the internet. If you do, you must acknowledge your sources.


The assignment must be submitted with an assignment cover sheet electronically in one single word or PDF file via Turnitin.

Both Part A and Part B of Assessment 2 should be included in one single Word or PDF file.

You are required to keep a copy of your final version submitted.

Date of Return:

Marks will be available on your Moodle Grades site by one fortnight from the due date.


Stott’s College has zero-tolerance for breaches of academic integrity. Breaches will result in a range of penalties from zero marks for the assessment to expulsion from the course.

The purpose of assessment is to assess your knowledge and understanding of the issues –

not someone else’s.

You can avoid breaches of academic integrity by-:

1. Learning and absorbing the ideas you take from your reading and research and then using your words to explain them. Ensure you reference as required. Simply changing the words of the original around is not appropriate.

2. Directly quoted or copied work should ALWAYS have the source acknowledged.

3. You may discuss some of the concepts of the assessment with your classmates. For individual assessments, DON’T tell each other what you are writing, or go into specific details; NEVER share written or electronic copies and ALWAYS write your assessment piece on your own.

4. Check your Assignment in Turnitin before you lodge it. Get Marketing Assignment: I need help writing a research paper.



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