Marketing Management 202 Assignment 2022- Group/Individual
The Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behaviour: A Case Study of Millennials in South Africa (Schitte & Chauke, 2022)
Please note: Reading uploaded on Learn2022.
You are required to engage with this topic focusing on the following areas:
• Describe the role and importance of digital marketing.
• Explain the specific impact of digital marketing on marketing practice in general and in relation to millennials, specifically.
• Utilise the reading to find a unique angle to critically evaluate how digital marketing influences consumer behavior in the South African context. This is not a summarization of the reading!
• Utilise examples of a firms or a few firms that engage specifically in the use of digital marketing. Pay attention to what are the success and pitfalls that are encountered
• What constitutes the key components of a digital marketing strategy and what are the current trends in its implementation. What are the essential elements of a digital marketing strategy, and what are the current trends in its implementation?
• Provide a critical argument and review of the topic, emphasizing your points of view based on the key issues and debates surrounding this area of marketing. It should be noted that a South African perspective is required.
• Provide a critical argument and review of the topic highlighting your perspectives based on the key issues and debates that surround this area of marketing. Note that a South African perspective is imperative.
• For a group, it must constitute a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5. No exceptions! If you exceed the maximum, you will be automatically deducted 15%.
• This assignment must be TYPED and must be a minimum of 8 (excluding content pages and references) and a maximum of 15 pages in length.
• Please make sure that your assignment submission has a cover page and a declaration sheet with all group members names and student numbers. Also, make sure that your assignment has page numbers.
• The assignment must be typed in size 12 font (Arial/Calibri) with 1½ line spacing.
• Your assignment must include a list of all references used for the assignment.
• The content of the assignment must be referenced, using the Harvard referencing system/ APA7.
• Please ensure that the Turnitin report is also attached to your assignment. It will not be marked without a report and if I do not see it appearing on the turnitin site.
• The turnitin report must be 10% and below, otherwise penalties will apply.
Where percentages are exceptionally high, you may be asked to resubmit.
• Please submit via Learn only
• Due Date: 07 NOVEMBER 2022

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