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Now that you have R installed on your computer, you will begin to get some experience (hands-on) with the software. For this assignment, you are exposed to just 4 features of R: Arithmetic Operations; Operations on vectors; the Recycle Rule for adding/subtracting vectors; and Creating a S3 Class Object. A separate screen shot is required for execution of each feature. Open R (either command line or RStudio). Enter code that will handle the following (show all code, comment for each code line and the computed results in your screen shots). These are instructions; do NOT just write the instructions – actually show this within R and capture a readable screen shot to show that it works properly!!

Screen shot 1: Arithmetic Operations

assign a value of 144 to x
assign a value of 6 to y
add x and y
subtract y from x
multiply x times y
divide x by y
find the square root of x
Screen shot 2: Operations on vectors

create a vector (afc) and assign values 2,6,3
create a vector (nfc) and assign values 6,4,2
add afc and nfc
Screen shot 3: Recycle Rule for adding and subtracting vectors

assign values 2,1,8,3 to vector x
assign values 9,4 to vector y
add x to y
notice the warning message – use the Recycle Rule for adding vectors; then
add x to y and show results
subtract 1 from x – apply the Recycle Rule for subtracting vectors; then
subtract y from x and show results
Screen shot 4: Create an S3 Class Object

create a list – with components: name = Your name, date = today’s date, and score = score you desire on Assignment 2.
name the class as “graduate student”
Save the screen shots as a MS Word document (*.docx). Then, click the “Write Submission” link below and directly paste your screen shots into this forum OR add the screen shots as a Microsoft Word document attachment (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.).

Requirements: 4 screen shots

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