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Select a nutritional intervention (diet plan) to research (ex. Ketogenic diet) and find at least three (3) scholarly sources supporting, or opposing, the efficacy of the chosen intervention/diet. Summarize each article; including methods, results, and author’s conclusion.

I. Paper Topic (1 Sentence)

I will be evaluating your paper topic by determining whether it adheres to the assignment requirements and guidelines provided in.

II. Paper Topic Summary (1 Well-Developed Paragraph)

Provide a concise summary of your larger project in one paragraph. Understandably, the focus and content of your paper will change. However, this exercise is designed for you to mentally conceptualize your project and to articulate its larger significance. Here are some ideas to address in your summary (you do not have to address all these ideas or in this order):

Discuss the historical or contemporary background of your topic
Describe your topic in further depth and detail – Address the scope or parameters of your project.
Speculate what you think your research will reveal or illustrate
Address any other issues that are central to your examination or that you feel are pertinent
Describe the larger significance of your topic (ie: Why is your topic important?)
III. Current Sources and Research Agenda (1 Well-Developed Paragraph Per Source)

The intent of this exercise is for you to analyze the research you currently have and to reflect upon the future research you need to conduct. Identifying the gaps in your current research will improve the focus and direction of your future research attempts

Second, you will craft a brief research agenda that comprehensively identifies and discusses the sources you need to complete the research phase of your project. In this section, you should identify what specific evidence, sources, or research you need in order to further develop your paper. You will be assessed on the comprehensiveness of your research agenda. Here are some (but not all) questions for you to consider or address:

Do you need more sources that can help support your argument or the development of an argument?
Do you need more sources that discuss the historical background of your topic?
Are you lacking scholarly sources, articles from peer-reviewed journals?
Are there any primary sources you’ve found?
Are there certain perspectives, experts, or authorities you need to find?
Do you need to find statistical data that could support your findings?

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