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Key Assignment Draft
Please select a research topic of your choice in the field of public administration/public policy for your Key Assignment.
The Key Assignment will include 2 parts. Part 1 (Week 4 IP) will include the planning and preparation of your research topic. Part 2 (Week 5 IP) will include reporting on the results of your research.
Part 1: Tasks Week 4 IP
Prepare a document on a research topic of your choice that will include the following topics:

Determine the issues
Build on the work of others

Use models to clarify the issue within its context or environment
Assess stakeholders’ needs

Determine the research questions
Select measures
Select an appropriate design
Develop data collection strategy and instruments
Develop a sampling approach
Develop data analysis strategy
Review and test the methodology
Prepare a work plan with resource and time requirements


Gather the data
Analyze the data
Verify the accuracy of the data and analysis
Formulate the findings

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