League of Legends: Historical Analysis of How to be one of the most famous E-sports Videogame
January 15, 2021

League of Legends is the world-famous E-sports. Because it organizes competitions in various places every year to let the audience know about MOBA games and e-sports. In recent years, the League of Legends vigorously promoted their games and led to a huge increase in the number of players. In 2011, the number of players in the game was only 11.5 million. By 2020, the total number of monthly players in League of Legends has reached 115 million (Spezzy, 2021). The growth rate of players is amazing. The game holds competitions on all continents of the world every month. The most famous competition is Championship. Top teams all over the world are fighting to win the World Championship trophy. The World Championship prize pool has passed $5.07 million (Nicole Carpenter, 2016). Here is an analysis. We will learn about the history of League of Legends and why it has become one of the most famous e-sports games.
League of Legends is not the first multiplayer online battle arena, MOBA, or even a game that pushed the game genre forward from the beginning. However, this is a driving force, which is distributed through fame and hype to keep players’ enthusiasm for the game and help e-sports develop on a global scale. This game seems to have captured the people and kept it for a long time. In 2005 the original developer of the Warcraft 3 mod Defence of the Ancients, or DOTA more commonly known by, Steve’Guinsoo’ Feak and the mods administrator of support base Steve’Pendragon’ Mescon met in the new video game company Riot Game, they The idea of making League of Legends came up. Feak and Mescon wanted to create a standalone MOBA game without relying on the outdated Warcraft 3 engine. They want to create unrestricted things, and Riot Game also supports them. They are also fans of the DOTA mod. It took four years for Feak and Mescon to realize their ideas with Riot Games developers. League of Legends was announced in 2008, which made fans of MOBA games and the limitations of the DOTA mode start to get tired. Feak fans helped drive the hype of the entire game, so when Beta was released in April 2009, it was an immediate success. Fans finally have a brand new MOBA game. Riot Games put a lot of effort into balancing the game. Therefore, at the time, League of Legends had only 17 playable characters to choose from. The complete game was finally released in October 2009, and there are now 40 playable characters. League of Legends was immediately praised for its exciting character design, accessibility and innovative methods, and the game has proven to have a genre. It appears in front of the players in the form of a free game. According to the increasing time of playing the game, the players gradually understand this game and like it. Accessibility makes MOBA core professionals and hobbyists very interesting. Same as the best game: it is easy to learn, but difficult to master. After its release, “League of Legends” quickly became one of the most popular games in the world. It is played all over Asia, Europe, North America, South Africa. The game was held and the league started-enabling professionals to concentrate on being the best. According to Riot Games’ data, by 2011, the number of players in League of Legends had reached 1,500.
But if Riot Games is free, how can it survive and profit from it? Like many other modern games (DOTA 2, Fortnite, Hearthstone), Riot Games’ main revenue comes from in-game purchases and microtransactions, mainly skins. The design and operation of the game now requires huge amounts of funds to maintain the company’s operations. So game revenue is very important. In the early stage of game operation, players will want to quickly try to play more characters to recharge and buy characters. But over time, players will have more roles. At this time, new ways are needed to attract players to recharge. So the skin of the game character becomes the core income of the game. This also means that the art of the game is very important. The original art of the game developed to this day has progressed with the progress of the game art. In the past, the skins of game heroes were rough original paintings, and gradually developed into colorful original paintings. Now it has developed into a CG picture with background animation and character dynamics. The game skill special effects of the characters equipped with skins in the game will get gorgeous changes. Players will want to get these beautiful skins and gorgeous special effects in the game and recharge their money. And the game will also make some skins related to festival culture in line with real-world festivals and events. For example, on Halloween and Valentine’s Day, relevant holiday-limited skins are launched to attract players.
League of Legends in E-sports
The first international tournament of the League of Legends was held in DreamHack in 2011 and was called the Season 1 World Champion. This will be a continuous competition, and so far, it has been the most important League of Legends game in the world. Last year, its total viewership was 100 million, with an average of 21.8 million viewers per minute, and the highest number of simultaneous viewers was 44 million. Yes, this is 44 million people watching the game at the same time. In addition to the World Championship or World Championship, League of Legends also holds several other major international competitions every year: Mid-Season Invitational and All-Star Games. There are also some regional competitions, championships and leagues: the largest and most famous are LEC, LCS, LCK and LPL-Europe, North America, Korea and China. The winning team will receive the League of Legends World Championship trophy. The trophy will be returned to the tournament organizer every year and handed over to the new champion team on the same day. The World Championship has also prepared a rich prize pool of more than 5 million U.S. dollars to attract players to the competition. And the champion team, Riot Game, will also make champion skins that match their image for the team. This is an honor to inspire the contestants, because the names of the champions will remain in the game. In 2018, League of Legends was also added to the Jakarta Asian Games. It also became the first e-sports gold medal in the World Asian Games.
The League of Legends is still evolving, and the game is constantly learning from players’ opinions and changing. More and more action-rich characters and gameplay are being updated. Competition prizes are also increasing. The scale of the World Tournament is also constantly expanding, attracting more players to understand and play League of Legends. The art of the game is also advancing with the times.
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