Personal Statement


Personal Statement
Ever since my formative years, I set goals that were beyond my peers. I believed combining my natural leadership qualities, critical thinking, creativity, and my attention to detail would make me successful in life. From a young age, I desired to learn and lead people towards the achievement of set goals. Therefore, enrolling for an MBA with a focus on accounting will be a major commitment and investment to my future. The learning experience will help fill knowledge gaps in accounting and provide me with a platform for my next years as a business leader.
Besides, effective financial management is an important discipline that drives all business enterprises. Without accountancy, major financial decisions would be made blindly, which would place major corporations and companies in jeopardy. Accounting and finance are not only the pillars of any successful enterprise but are also the primary building blocks of our society. Besides, they play even important roles in economic crises such as one posed by Covid-19 in some countries. As such, I have always been fascinated by learning more about the processes that control capital flow thus dictating major global financial trends. My undergraduate studies inspired me to read local and international accounting journals and reports that helped me understand global finance.
Moreover, taking various work positions offered me an opportunity to gain experience in applying different finance principles. I have gained experience handling money, working to meet set targets, and setting and adjusting financial goals based on different variables in the market. Also, these positions allowed me to apply my knowledge of financial and managerial accounting extensively. However, while working in different positions, I have encountered different obstacles and challenges. As a result, undertaking an MBA with a focus on accounting would be core in developing further finance and accounting skills. I strongly believe the curriculum in your MBA program will challenge my understanding of accounting and afford me a platform to develop my abilities further.
However, taking part-time work to fund my undergraduate education and cater to my living costs significantly impacted my GPA. In my undergraduate, I obtained a GPA of less than 3.0. This was attributed to being overwhelmed by work or numerous distractions, which meant that sometimes I was unable to complete my assignment in the best way I could. Nevertheless, despite my GPA, I strongly feel I am hard-working and ambitious, and I have grown both academically and personally. Also, by keeping a stern self-imposed schedule, I managed to cope with school and pressures at work and create time for social growth. Thus, balancing school and work demands have prepared me for the challenges that I might face during my graduate studies.
Enrolling in the MBA program will provide me with skills that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. The program offered will provide me with key competencies required to succeed as an accountant in pushing enterprises to financial stability. I aspire to occupy a leading position that allows me to play an important role in accounting as well as adding value to organization leadership and financial proficiencies. I also aspire to improve other staff’s circumstances in the organization to improve their accounting proficiencies and performance. Enrolling and graduating with a Master of Business Administration Program will catapult my career forward. I believe your program will challenge me to explore my limits by providing a good scholarly climate that will encourage me to explore my intellectual curiosity.

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