Write at least 100 words on each of the following questions:
•Reading Questions 1
1) How can Marcuse insist that a society with so many freedoms (freedom of thought, speech, and conscience) is radically unfree?
2) Marcuse writes, “by virtue of the way it has organized its technological base, contemporary society tends to be totalitarian.” How can he call contemporary society totalitarian, and what does this have to do with the organization of its technological base?
3) What does Marcuse say about needs?
4) What does it mean to be “one-dimensional?” How are individuals made to be “one dimensional?”
5) How does Marcuse use the term alienation? Based on how he uses it, what could it mean?

• Reading Questions 2

1) What, for Merchant, is the relationship between image and value? Give examples.
2) How, according to Merchant, did pre-modern society view nature? Name a few of the figures she discusses.
3) What does Merchant have to say about mining?
4) To what does Merchant attribute the changing attitude towards nature and why?

• Reading Questions 3

1) What are the objections to artificial consciousness that Dennett entertains?
2) How does Dennett argue against the objections to artificial consciousness?
3) Who/what is Cog? What are his features?
4) How do they plan to make Cog capable of language and what are some of the issues?

• Reading Questions 4

1) What is the point of Foucault’s recounting the plague restrictions? What point is he making about discipline and power?
2) What is the difference between the leper and the plague? How does this change, according to Foucault, in the 19th century?
3) How does surveillance change with the panopticon and how is this exemplary of Foucault’s observations?
4) What historical processes is the formation of a disciplinary society connected to, according to Foucault?

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