This assignment allows students to observe the role of play in children’s development, how teachers support play in relation to the major developmental theorists.

The Assignment

You will observe children in a preschool setting. You will be analyzing the types of play and connecting the play to past theorists. Included with your write up should be the attached observation form filled out by you and the classroom teacher where your observation takes place.

**For this assignment, due to restrictions on visiting Childcare centers you will be completing your observation by watching the attached video. In the video be sure to focus on Draco and Wyatt in regards to their types of play, communications and interactions with their peers.


Included in your write up should be:

Three examples of play that you observed . For all three observations, the following should be included:

a detailed description of what you observed. (each observation should have a minimum of 7 sentences for this part)

analyze the play and reflect on which type it is- (from our textbook, Part 2, Chapter 4 on pages 136-138). Minimum of 3 sentences

decide which theorist the observed play most closely matches and tell why. Choose from Erikson, Maslow, Piaget or Vvygotsky.(chapter 4) Minimum of 3 sentences

In a separate summary paragraph, minimum of 7 sentences, reflect on how the teacher supports play as well as any other activities, skills, or interventions the teacher could do to enhance the children’s play. Discuss how you will implement play into your learning environment. Discuss why play is so important in Early Childhood

Format layout:

Scenario One: (here you describe what you observed- minimum of 7 sentences)

Type of Play: (for your first scenario- minimum of 3 sentences)

Theorist: (for your first scenario- minimum of 3 sentences)

**the same format should be used for scenarios two and three and at the end of your submission should be your summary paragraph.


Grading Criteria

Acceptable Length: Follow the guidelines above

Maximum points are given when:

Three examples of play are listed and included with each scenario is:

a detailed description of the play scenario. (10 points for each)

the type of play is discussed for all 3 scenarios (10 points for each)

a theorist is selected and matches the play observed. (10 points for each)

Summary paragraph is included- minimum of 7 sentences (0-20 points)

Points are deducted for errors with grammar and spelling. Grading will also reflect use of basic English skills such as the use of complete sentences when writing



Textbook, Part 2, Chapter 4 pages 115-129.

Textbook, Part 2, Chapter 4 pages 136-140

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