Summer School I can blame no one but myself for my need to attend summer school for this year. However: I would like to blame it on my Spanish teacher, my mother, my siblings, my dog ate the homework, anyone but Christopher L. Martin. Summer school was not in my game plan the first day of school last year. I entered my school, Lake Catholic HAS, with the calm surety and purpose of a bona-fide tenth grader, Vie been here before.
My anxiety level was low but my expectations for the future year were high. There are times when I think that I remain overwhelmed in some way by the enormity of the campus; the numerous classrooms, by the tough rules that are actually enforced. Transitioning from a small Catholic parish school boasting an 8th grade graduating class of 34 students to a large campus of hundreds of students present a challenge to “fit-in” that I had never experienced. I began the August, 2011 school year anticipating the spectacular athletic and academically successful year ahead of me.
I ever thought that such a hopeful day would end in humiliation a years end. You might ask what caused this major shift in my universe. I failed both semesters of Spanish II and had to retake the entire year during summer school at SST. Robert Williams in Euclid, OH. I will be honest and admit that prior to formulating thoughts to Jot down in preparation of writing this personal essay; I thought the most devastating result of having to attend summer school was that I was automatically ineligible to participate in football.

I was not allowed to attend practice or to Join the am for the annual trip to the Edinburgh campus where players honed their skills and bonded as men. I now realize and accept the fact that my behavior placed a heavy financial burden on my families finances. Summer school is not cheap! . The cost of attending summer school hit our budget so hard that my 2011-2012 grades were not paid for until it was too late to pick up the summer reading assignments. I am therefore very grateful to have the option of writing this personal essay. Paying for summer school had our family without food and water.
Not only did my having to attend summer school overwhelm our family budget, the time factor ruined any chances I might have had for summer employment. I had to wake up every morning to go to school and remain in that hot stuffy building for four hours a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks. It may be difficult to believe, but there were times when our instructor would keep us in class for an extra hour or two. The requirements were so intense that I spent most of the long hot summer nights and week-ends stuck in the house completing homework assignments.
Unfortunate as it was, I feel this experience has opened my eyes to my need to take personal responsibility for myself in all areas of my live including school. Writing this essay also makes me realize the unconditional love and faith my mother has in me in spite of what I did or didn’t do. Hardship it placed on her as a divorced single parent and her ability to provide for me and my siblings. My athletic scholarship has been revoked because of this and still she works hard to keep me here so that I can get the best education available.
She didn’t even include caring for herself into the equation because she was focused on supporting me and my siblings. Yea, she stayed on me to the point of angry outbursts; however, I realize the reason for her persistence at keeping me focused is based on her love for me and her hopes for me to enjoy a bright future. It is also noted in my mind, that accurate, timely completion of class assignments is a precursor to life as a college student and as a functioning, contributing member of society. I am considering this summer school experience from beginning to end as a “lesson learned. “

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