Instruction for the student
This is an individual assessment. You are required to demonstrate skills and knowledge required to monitor and review operational/performance.

If you noel help understanding any questions. Ask your assessor to explain.


In response to a simulated business scenario and using work completed in Assessment Task 1, you will develop, monitor and review performance System analyze performance, identify areas of underperformance, take prompt remedial EMI and report on operational performance.

In accordance with contingency planning developed in Assessment Task 1, you will take prompt action to adders, employee Underperformance. In a role-play, you will coach the employee in accordance such performance management systems.

You will then prepare and present a management report describing the performance system, performance result and recommendations for changes to operational plans, Also you will negotiate changes to operation Plant and gain approval for recommendations from the Operations General Manager (your assessor)

1 From a group of two people.

2 Read the simulated BBQfun scenario information provided in Appendix 1 of this task and in the business documentation provided by your assessor (the same documentation provided in Assessment Task 1).

3 Prepare a plan for monitoring performance from the start of implementation to the end of the financial year. You may use the action plan template (provided in Appendix 2) or create your own plan. Ensure you include plans for monitoring and/or documenting
a. budgetary and financial performance
b. productivity performance
c. employee performance in line with performance management policy
d. milestone achievement and performance against targets
e. dates for monitoring stream in line with scenario
f. resources for monitoring
g. progress reporting at the end of each quarter to the Operations General Manager
h. regular performance management of coring staff and lodgment of records with the HR Manager

4. Identify areas of employee underperformance, determine possible remedial actions and prepare to performance manage underperforming employees Refer to, follow, or adapt existing contingency plan for underperforming employees (developed in Assessment Task 1).

5 Follow your contingency plan and the BBQfun performance management policy to coach and performance manage an underperforming employee Arrange with your team member to role-Play the coaching session You may wish to use the performance management Man template and coaching plan template (provided in Appendices 3 and 4 of this task) to prepare for the coaching session Make sure you begin a coaching session with an explanation of your roe as a coach in supporting the employee to meet BBQfun’s organisational goals.

6. Analyse operational performance as described in scenario, and produces an Operational plan status rend based on the information provided in Appendix 1. You may wish to use the operational Status Roped template (provided in Appendix 5). You will also need to include in your report.
a . a description of budgetary and financial performance
b. a description of productivity performance
c. an analysis of millstone achievement and performance against targets
d. three recommendation for operation improvement.

7. Arrange a time to meet with your assessor to present your report to the Operations General Manner and negotiate recommendations – involving, for example, changes to plans, changes to implementation of plans, changes to budget, etc – and seek approval for the implementation of your recommendations.

8. Submit all your implementation documents Keep copes of your work for your records

To be deemed competent you will need to successfully demonstrate the following:

You must
– participate in a role-play coaching an underperforming employee
– present the lend to Operations General Manager for approval from your assessor
– submit all your documents includes:
a monitoring plan
a contingency plan (amended from Assessment Task 1) for manning employee underperformance
a coaching and performance management plan
an operational plan status report, including;
• a description of budgetary and financial performance
– a description of productivity performance
– an analysis of milestone achievement and performance against targets
– three recommendations for operational improvement

Appendix 1: Scenario – e-Commerce strategy

Scenario task

You will need to plan monitoring activities for ongoing customer service activities, website maintenance, and revenue generation over the financial year from the start of implementation.

You will then need to analyse performance data for the second Quarter of the financial year.

You will then need to coach an underperforming employee in accordance with the BBQfun Performance management policy and previously developed contingency planning (the planning developed for Assessment Task 1)

Finally, you will need to prepare and present a report with recommendations for operational improvement to the Operations General Manager.

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